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Spin-off talk

So as some of you might have heard, there's been a couple rumors suggesting that a House of Cards spin-off could be possible in the near future. Most notably, people are interested in Doug Stamper's background and how his overall story arc could somewhat continue the series.

While I personally believe it's just talk, the idea got me thinking about what a HoC spin-off could be like. What could one be about? Could one be set in the same universe and be even as successful?

I'm going to start this thread by throwing my opinion out there and say I think I would like to see the rise of Garrett Walker before the events of the series. I always thought he was a character I wanted to see more of after his first appearance.

What grew my interest in his unseen moments was an interview with the actor done a few years ago in which Michel Gill (actor of Walker) claimed there was a bit more to Walker in terms of who he sought advice from and why he was such a bully to whom ever agreed to be his VP.

Idk, any thoughts?
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Latest video trailer

Guys , I badly need the trailer of the final season, plz let me know where can I get.
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Peter Russo death

Hi friends,
I am newbie in the series but since the first episode I was just hooked into it.
I am deeply shocked by the death of Peter Russo. I was liking that guy a lot... I thought he would be the top contender to defy Francis...
Man! that was so unfair. I was anxiously expecting he would compose himself and win the drugs addiction.
But in all of sudden, actually that motherfucker hooker came into the scene, and messed up everything.
I got emotional when he call her daughter outside her house, and she said she didn't like to talk with him in that situation[drugged]
Man! I am super disappointing with his death and now I am no longer excited to continue with the series.
Help me
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Best episode

The best and the most shocking episode is Chapter 14 (1st episode in Season 2). Do you agree?
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Need Closure

I know that Spacey royaly screwed up but there is so much more to this show that it can't just end at season 6. Please don't leave us hanging or end things abruptly. Too much time has been invested :(
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Season 6 is the last season!

I am sad to say that Season 6 will be the last season of HOC. :(
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Kevin Spacey se declara homosexual tras ser acusado por Anthony Rapp d
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What would you want to see in a House of Cards book?

I'm working on a class project and wondered what big time fans would want to see in a book version of the show.... Any insights are most welcome!
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The episode that i like......

i just finish watching episode 08 in season 03 and really ...until now its the episode that i like more .
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Symbols & values in HoC

Hi guys, I'm writing an essay about political culture in this series. I'm searching for values and symbols, which are presented. Of course, american flag, family. What else?
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Hi, everyone! We have had the same background on the wiki for quite some time! So, I am announcing a background contest that will run from Today to August 21st, 2017. Choose any background but do make sure it is big enough!

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Favorite episode of House of Cards?

What is everyone's favorite episode of House of Cards? My favorite is Season 5: Episode 6, this episode is very interesting to me, and in my opinion it's the best episdoe of the season.
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Usher and Davis

Ahhh! So these are the agents of the deep state? I read an article that described Frank's move toward the private sector as reaching but I kind of think it makes sense that he would migrated to where the "real power" is.
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Tom Yates

Does he love Claire? Does he know her? Ugh! All things considered I'd have to say "no". I almost sort of liked him at one time but I found his fate strangely satisfying.
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Clare as acting president is scarier than Donald trump being president
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What I need

I need Doug Stamper in my life
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Frank's coma

Which season/episode is it where Frank is in a coma ?
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Frank's coma

Which season/episode is it where Frank is in a coma ?
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Fashion Pet Peeve

As well as the female characters are always dressed, what is the obsession with bare legs, even in Washington DC? Women of all ages continue to wear tights, especially in cooler temps, and it's silly to pretend otherwise.
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