Arnold "Arnie" Silva is the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Silva is regarded as the most competent Administrator FEMA could have by many people. He previously served under the administrations of three former Presidents, including Garrett Walker. Frank Underwood refers to him as 'the only man who could prevent a disaster becoming a catastrophe'.

Season 3

Frank Underwood meets with Silva to discuss the use of the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund to fund America Works, as he believes the Stafford Act allows him to declare unemployment as an emergency. Silva objects, citing how only $3 billion remains in the DRF. He also argues that with hurricane season approaching it would be unwise to re-allocate the money as it would take too long for Congress to reimburse the fund if a disaster struck.

Baldwin and Silva

Silva meets with Kate Baldwin

Underwood then threatens Silva with terminating his employment and assigning somebody far less competent to his position. Silva begrudgingly accepts Underwood's demands, but later meets with Kate Baldwin; providing her with information showing the potential consequences Underwood's draining of the DRF would have if a natural disaster occurred. He is later seen in the America Works recruitment tent on the Washington Mall, aiding unemployed residents in signing up for jobs.

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