Cashew is a long haired black and white guinea pig. She was formerly owned by Gavin Orsay and currently owned by Lisa Williams.


Cashew is introduced in Season 2 as Gavin Orsay's pet. She is threatened by Agent Green when Orsay expresses misgivings about his role in ruining Lucas Goodwin. In Season 3, Cashew is notably absent from the action, only appearing after Gavin has revealed his deceptions to Lisa Williams. Cashew is left in her cage just outside of Lisa's home, and it is presumed that she takes up ownership of the guinea pig.

Animal Safety Concerns[reference?]

Some viewers expressed concern about the scene in which Cashew is threatened, as well as the size of the cage she occupies in Gavin's apartment. A live guinea pig was used to film the threat scene in a protective harness. The filming was observed by the owner and other independent observers to ensure that no harm came to any of the animals on set.

The cage used in Gavin's apartment is accurately criticized as being too small for a full-time enclosure for a guinea pig. To offset this, Cashew spent most of her time outside of her cage. Guinea pig owners have also urged any Cashew fans considering buying one of their own to be aware that guinea pigs are social animals and do much better with one or two friends.

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