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Francis must make an unforeseen detour. Zoe, Lucas and Janine get closer to the truth.

Plot summary

This episode opens with Paul Capra, head of the shipbuilder's union, arriving to see Christina Gallagher in what is presumably Peter's DC office. Christina suggests he run for Peter's vacant seat in the House. Paul is incredulous, revealing that a month has passed since Peter died. He also reveals that Christina did not attend the funeral. Christina believes that she couldn't afford to go to the funeral stating that "There are 600,000 people counting on us, I can't let my feelings get in the way of that."

Following the opening credits, we open on the Oval Office, where President Walker, Frank, and Linda are interviewing the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Tabitha Lonnergan who is practically silent. As soon as she leaves the room, Linda and Frank agree that they should cross her off the list of candidates. President Walker is outraged, saying that they compiled a list of candidates which they are systematically ruling out, and that they are no closer to finding a replacement for Vice President Matthews than they were a month ago. Frank and Linda then proceed out of the office, and Linda says that she will bring up Frank as a candidate for the Vice Presidency. 

At the Slugline offices, Janine is seen on the phone with Paul, inquiring about the possibility of him running for Peter’s vacant seat. They get on the topic of Peter’s lack of testimony on the closing of the shipyard. Paul mentions that Peter was under pressure to allow the shipyard to close. 


The following characters appeared in this chapter.

Main Characters

Recurring Characters


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