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Tension rises between Francis and Raymond Tusk as the situation with China deteriorates. A battle in the Senate pits Francis against the Republicans.

Plot summary

Garrett Walker crafts a State of the Union address while Frank Underwood seeks a bipartisan agreement focusing on a compromise over entitlements with Senate Majority Leader Hector Mendoza to secure the legislation's passage through the Senate and to avoid a government shutdown. Eventually the Senate Republicans attempt to filibuster, which forces Frank to take drastic measures.

Meanwhile, Lucas Goodwin unsuccessfully pursues Peter Russo's former lover, Christina Gallagher. However, he is able to establish further contact with the hacker Gavin Orsay who claims to be able to help retrieve Zoe's phone records. Doug Stamper ends up setting up a sting operation with the FBI to nab Lucas to avoid any problems for Frank. While Doug is busy dealing with Lucas, Rachel Posner contacts her mother and meets Lisa Williams even though Doug told her that she should be keeping under the radar.


The following characters appeared in this chapter.

Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

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Season 2 Episodes

201. "Chapter 14"
202. "Chapter 15"
203. "Chapter 16"
204. "Chapter 17"
205. "Chapter 18"

206. "Chapter 19"
207. "Chapter 20"
208. "Chapter 21"
209. "Chapter 22"
210. "Chapter 23"

211. "Chapter 24"
212. "Chapter 25"
213. "Chapter 26"

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