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The Russian president’s state visit becomes a cold war of wills, and some punks heat things up.

Plot summary

Victor Petrov, President of Russia, visits the White House to discuss an American troop movement to the Jordan Valley with President Frank Underwood. As soon as he arrives in Washington, Petrov tells President Underwood that he will not accept the proposal. Over the span of a few days, he becomes very flirtatious with Claire Underwood, and eventually kisses her during a dance. While talking with Francis, he proposes that he will only support the American troop movement to the Jordan Valley if the US will dismantle their air defense system in Europe. After some consideration, President Underwood refuses the offer and holds a press conference stating that the US will achieve peace in the Middle East with or without a partnership with Russia.


Three political activists of the russian punk rock group "Pussy Riot" attend at the reception as well as at the dinner with Petrov. They accuse the russian president to imprison his opponents. Frank Underwood mentions their names at the press conference.


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