Chapter 43 is the fourth episode of Season 4 of House of Cards. It aired on March 4th, 2016, along with the rest of season 4.


Frank plays a dangerous political game that could trigger Russia. An incident occurs during Frank's campaign, and everything changes.

Plot summary

In the Situation Room, Frank and the Joint Chiefs plan a dangerous political game using Milkin as leverage against Russia. Durant objects, saying the move could trigger a hostile response from Russia, but Frank overrides her and instructs them to draw up the plan. He is later shown signing the plan against Durant's repeated objection.

Protesters picket a campaign rally at Hammond University, chanting "Blunderwood." Frank first delivers a speech to the friendly crowd inside the university, and then goes outside to greet the protesters. While doing so, he is shot twice by Lucas Goodwin. Edward Meechum returns fire at Goodwin, and both Meechum and Goodwin die from their injuries. Underwood is brought to the hospital in critical condition, and Vice President Donald Blythe is sworn in as Acting President.

Blythe meets with Frank's cabinet and is presented with the decision to either continue or abort the Milkin operation. He is indecisive, and asks for time to think the situation over. Stamper brings in Claire to help, and with her assistance, Blythe instead decides to land the plane in China.


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