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Russo hits the road with V.P. Matthews. Francis and Stamper try to whip up support in Congress. Claire looks out for herself.

Plot summar

Claire drives Russo's kids to school. He is preparing for bus tour to campaign. Russo's kids tell Claire that the kids at school hate them and call them crack babies and accused his father of being a crackhead.


The following characters appeared in this chapter.

Main Characters

Recurring Characters


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Season 1 Episodes

101. "Chapter 1"
102. "Chapter 2"
103. "Chapter 3"
104. "Chapter 4"
105. "Chapter 5"

106. "Chapter 6"
107. "Chapter 7"
108. "Chapter 8"
109. "Chapter 9"
110. "Chapter 10"

111. "Chapter 11"
112. "Chapter 12"
113. "Chapter 13"

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