Florida Congressman, protesting that he "still [does] have the floor."

Florida Congressman is a character who appears in Chapter 53 of House of Cards. On the House floor, he demands that Congress looks into allegations published by the Washington Herald and is tricked into yielding the floor to another Congressman, who then yields his time to President Frank Underwood. Underwood distracts Congress from the Florida Congressman's queries by persuading them to formally declare war on ICO, and the Congressman from Florida can only look on in horror as the President brushes past his cries of "Parliamentary inquiry!"

Notable Quotables

  • "A scoundrel lives in the White House."
  • "Can we investigate the President, for crimes committed while he was Vice President? I say YES! Let's debate! Let's debate this MISCREANT ALL day, and ALL night!"
  • "Madame Speaker, I still do have the floor! And I find it hard to believe that the President wouldn't have an opinion on the matter being discussed!"
  • "...I yield three minutes to the Leader."


  • Florida Congressman is played by Peter Oldring.

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