This page is currently under construction.

This Page is for official election purposes. We hold elections every year. This page holds the elections and the rules.

Rules and procedures

1. Election day is on the third Thursday in January.

2 Winners are not automatically promoted. Winners of the election are promoted on the first of February.

                     The next election is on: January 19, 2017

3. The official thread for nominations is held on the Discussions/forums. Everyone can make a list of nominees, the nominees who have a majority will have their own individual discussion for people to vote on. Only three people can be elected every election season (Not including incumbents)

4. Bureaucrats do not need to run for re-election.

5. No one can be promoted during the month of January, and February.

6. If both bureaucrats do not support a users nomination or oppose their discussion it is marked invalid.

7. You may only vote if you have 50 edits as well as 7 days of activity.

8. The administration can change these rules at any time.

9. Anyone in the administration who resigns or is demoted cannot run for election.

Current Elections

Administraton Election:

ClueCompromiser's term ends February 1, 2018. They are eligible for reelection.

NurseJackieFan's term ends February 1, 2018. They are eligible for re-election.

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