Thank you for your interest in joining the House of Cards Wiki administration! 

We have a few rules and policies about joining our administration, they are listed below.

Prerequisite and general rules

You have to have an account!

Re-elections happen annually, roughly every February (Unless you were promoted in December until January 31st.

Requests are closed for all of February.

There is a board for Elections and re-elections in our forums.

Bureaucrats do not have to run for re-election

The community will vote with a support or a oppose, users can also go neutral, but neutrals have no impact on voting. To vote you must do this,

 {{{Support}}, {{neutral}}, or {{oppose}} and a reason. 

Every user can vote, you have to have an account, though.

Requests for administrative rights are listed as:

3 months of activity, 500 edits, approval by a bureaucrat.

Requests for Content Moderator is as follows:

1 month of activity, 300 edits, approval by a bureaucrat.

Requests for rollback and discussion moderator is as follows:

2 weeks activity, 100 edits, approval by a bureaucrat.

You can submit a request by going to the forums. he will then check you out, and if he approves, you get your right!

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