Jessica Masters
Name: Jessica Masters
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: 1996
Date of death: 2013
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): Gaffney,
United States of America
Father: Dean Masters
Mother: Leanne Masters
Played by: Unknown
Seasons: 1
First mentioned: Chapter 3
Appears in: 1 Season, 1 Episode

Jessica Masters (1996 – 2013) was a resident of Gaffney, who died in a car accident.


Early life

Jessica went to high school before her death, and was supposed to have gone to Furman University on a volleyball athletic scholarship.


While driving past the Peachoid, she attempted to text her boyfriend that it looked like an anus, but she ran off the road and died.


After Jessica's death, the local reverend held a memorial for her.

Frank Underwood offered her parents a settlement for the town as well as Furman University sets up a scholarship in Jessica's name.

Season 1
"Chapter 1" "Chapter 2" "Chapter 3" "Chapter 4" "Chapter 5"
"Chapter 6" "Chapter 7" "Chapter 8" "Chapter 9" "Chapter 10"
"Chapter 11" "Chapter 12" "Chapter 13"

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