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Ken Caswell
Name: Ken Caswell
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Investment banker
Seasons: 1
Episode: "Chapter 8"
Appears in: 1 season, 1 episode

Ken Caswell is a (former) friend of Frank Underwood.


Ken went to school at The Sentinel with Frank, Tim and Phil, where he sang with them as members of the Riflemen Singers

He is currently an investment broker of some kind. He tried to convince Frank to let him set them up with a Roth Ira and a diversified portfolio. 

Behind the Scenes


Season 1
"Chapter 1" "Chapter 2" "Chapter 3" "Chapter 4" "Chapter 5"
"Chapter 6" "Chapter 7" "Chapter 8" "Chapter 9" "Chapter 10"
"Chapter 11" "Chapter 12" "Chapter 13"

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