Margaret Tilden is the owner of the newspaper, the Washington Herald. She respected the upstart Zoe Barnes and decided to support her in initial struggles with her Janine Skorsky, as well as Tom Hammerschmidt. Her best friend, Catherine Durant eventually became Secretary of State.


Behind the Scenes

  • Margaret Tilden was portrayed by Kathleen Chalfant in all of Season 1 of House of Cards.
  • In chapter 4, in a conversation between Margaret and Tom, she said: "She stayed, Tom". He refused because of Zoe doesn't have a respect for the authority, Margaret said again "She (Zoe) stayed". The calling finished with "Tom, we don't need people who follow the rules. We need people with personality. We want Zoe's face, her energy".


Season 1
"Chapter 1" "Chapter 2" "Chapter 3" "Chapter 4" "Chapter 5"
"Chapter 6" "Chapter 7" "Chapter 8" "Chapter 9" "Chapter 10"
"Chapter 11" "Chapter 12" "Chapter 13"

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