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Nathan Green
Nathan Green
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Federal Bureau of Investigation, White House
Profession: Deputy Director of the FBI, former FBI White House Liaison
Played by: Jeremy Holm
Seasons: 2, 3
First episode: "Chapter 18"
Appears in: L3 seasons, 11 episodes

Nathan Green is the Deputy Director of the FBI. He's a close friend of Doug Stamper and former handler of hacker Gavin Orsay.


As an executive liaison at the FBI, Green, alongside Secret Service and CIA representatives, participated in joint security briefings to the President Garrett Walker's chief of staff Linda Vasquez.

Season 2

Following one such briefing in February 2014, Green met up with his old friend Doug Stamper, who's now the vice-presidential chief-of-staff, revealing to him that FBI intercepted an online post originating from the Deep Web forums in which someone seeks help hacking into AT&T's servers in order to retrieve phone records of Underwood's phone communications. Green also informed Stamper that Deep Web messages are almost impossible to trace and that the individual hasn't committed any crime. Stamper, reasoning this kind of thing can't be floating around about the Vice-President, wanted this person caught and put away via being baited by Green into committing a crime. Seeing he's on shaky legal ground presiding over such an operation, Green requested a big promotion to the FBI director post in return, telling Stamper to make that happen.

Season 3

Green, now Deputy Director of the FBI, employs Gavin Orsay, whom he had used in his plot against Lucas Goodwin, as a hacking specialist. Although Gavin is working for the agency instead of being prosecuted, Green attempts to track down his associates he entrusted with copies of the stolen AT&T data, determined to have Orsay eventually arrested. With help from Stamper, Orsay obtains a passport, which he uses to flee the country. Green tracks him down to Caracas, but can't pinpoint his exact location. Nevertheless, Stamper proceeds to find Orsay anyway.

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