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Raymond Tusk
Raymond Tusk 2
Name: Raymond Alan Tusk
Status: Incarcerated
Age: 67
Date of birth: March 19, 1947
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): St. Louis
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Jean Tusk
Played by: Gerald McRaney
Seasons: 1, 2
First episode: Chapter 12
Appears in: 2 seasons, 13 episodes

Raymond Alan Tusk is a billionaire industrialist who specializes in nuclear power and owns several nuclear power plants. He is also a close friend of president Garret Walker.



Raymond Tusk was born to an upper middle class family. His father’s family draws their roots from the wealthy Ukrainian merchant that was detained by the Confederate government of Louisiana for transporting contraband Hungarian salo.

After getting a technical degree from Carnegie Mellon, Raymond Tusk's career was propelled as he started to in order to bail his son out of jail.

Tusk wants the Port Jefferson Bridge, or maybe he doesn't want it, but whatever he wants, it's the opposite of what the Chinese Government wants.  Feng launders money through Tusk's Native American friend's casinos.  Tusk is offered a pardon by President Walker in exchange for testimony exonorating him from ties to the money laundering (which Tusk testifies he believes is in complaince with all law).  However, the offer of Pardon is revoked by the President after he reads Frank's letter at Camp David.  In his Committee hearing, Tusk at first invokes his Fifth Amendment right, but a few minutes in changes his mind and implicates President Walker.  He does this knowing Walker will likely be impeached or resign, thus making Frank the POTUS, who he believes can end the trade standoff with China. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

Raymond Tusk was portrayed by Gerald McRaney in Seasons 1 and 2 of House of Cards.


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