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Stephanie Daldry is a professional model, which helps Seth Grayson to cover up the truth about the photograph of Claire Underwood taken under the shower by Adam Galloway, in a CNN interview with Candy Crowley.


Stephanie's life prior to Chapter 22 is mostly unknown. It is revealed, that despite being a professional model, she doesn't work for an agency.

Season 2

Claire CNN shower

Naked Second Wife: Claire on left, Stephanie on right.

In Chapter 22, Seth Grayson pays her a visit to convince her of taking the job, which is actually being covering up Claire's affair with Adam. Initially, she refuses to cut her hair shorter, due to her modeling career, but Seth dismisses that, saying: "If you actually had a modeling career I would be speaking to your agency and not sitting in your apartment."

Behind the Scenes

Stephanie Daldry was portrayed by Susannah Hoffman in Season 2 of House of Cards.


Season 2
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