Timeline of House of Cards, from seasons one through five.


  • Season 1 takes place from December 31, 2012 to November 1, 2013.
  • Season 2 takes place from November 1, 2013 to October 30, 2014.
  • Season 3 takes place from December 2014 to January 20, 2016.
  • Season 4 takes place from January 20, 2016 to October 18, 2016.
  • Season 5 takes place from October 24, 2016 to March 18, 2017.



  • November 5th: Francis J. Underwood is born in Gaffney, Cherokee County, South Carolina, United States of America.




  • December 22nd: Zoe Barnes is born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.




  • January 1st: President-elect Garrett Walker's New Year's Eve party ends. (Chapter 1)
  • January 3rd: Frank and Claire Underwood attend a symphony, where Frank checks Zoe Barnes out; Zoe Barnes receives an email from a colleague at the Washington Herald that shows a photograph of Frank checking her out. She then begins to research him and discovers their mutual interests in each other. (Chapter 1)
  • January 21st: Garrett Walker is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States; Jim Matthews is sworn as the 48th Vice President of the United States. (Chapter 1)
  • June 14th: Doug Stamper and Peter Russo attend an alcoholics anonymous meeting together. (Chapter 7)
  • September 21st: Peter Russo is found dead in the passenger seat of his car from carbon monoxide poisoning. (Chapter 11)
  • November 1st: Frank learns he will become Vice President. (Chapter 13)
  • November 5th: Zoe Barnes is murdered. (Chapter 14)
  • November: Frank is sworn in as Vice President of the United States. (Chapter 15)


  • February 13th: President Garrett Walker delivers the 2014 State of the Union. (Chapter 16)
  • July 14th - July 17th: Timeframe of Doug's travels and Ayla's investigation, following the "Way of Money".
  • July 14th: Doug Stamper is given the order to fly to Kansas City and visit Lanagin's Adaho Gaming Casino; Frank and Garrett have a long and relaxed conversation in the White House. (Chapter 20)
  • July 15th: Doug buys a plane a ticket to Beijing, to visit Xander Feng and confront him with Frank's accusations of collaboration with Lanagin in a money laundering scheme. (Chapter 20)
  • July 16th: The Underwoods and the Walkers have a dinner together, Freddy cooks ribs for them, on Frank's request. (Chapter 20)
  • July 17th: Doug returns to Washington, D.C., and is seen at Underwood's basement. (Chapter 20)
  • October 28th: Frank and Tusk have a meeting in the basement of the Opera house; Frank uses his father's typewriter "Underwood", to send a letter and a declaration of guilt in the money laundering affair, which could legally unburden Walker if published, to Garrett. (Chapter 26)
  • October 29th: Doug is hit in the head with a rock by Rachel Posner in some distant woods, after Rachel's try to escape from Doug's car. (Chapter 26)
  • October 30th: Garrett Walker resigns from the office of President of the United States after lengthy contemplation with his wife; Frank Underwood is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. (Chapter 26)
  • November 4th: United States Midterm elections are held.
  • December: Doug recovers in the hospital, where he's later questioned by the police and leaving them a false trail. (Chapter 27)


  • January 20th: Doug wakes up in the hospital to see Claire by his side. (Chapter 27)
  • April: Frank announces he will not seek re-election in 2016 in a TV address to the nation; also, he presents America Works for the first time to the press in the same address. (Chapter 28)
  • May 5th: President Underwood hosts a State Dinner for Russian President Viktor Petrov, who later kisses the First Lady Underwood. (Chapter 29)
  • May: Solicitor General Heather Dunbar announces her candidacy for President in 2016. (Chapter 30)
  • June 30th: Doug is interviewed for a position in Heather Dunbar's campaign. (Chapter 31)
  • July 1st: Barney Hull declares a state of emergency in Washington, D.C., after a deal to make him major, struck with Underwood. (Chapter 31)
  • July 2nd: Tom Yates holds a book signing for his book Scorpio when he is confronted by Remy Danton. (Chapter 31)
  • July 3rd: Bob Birch and Hector Mendoza confront Frank on his plan to divert funds from FEMA. (Chapter 31)
  • July 4th: America Works begins hiring in Washington, D.C. (Chapter 31)
  • July 23rd: President Underwood and the First Lady visit President Petrov, the President of Russia, in Russian Federation. (Chapter 32)
  • July 24th: Claire publicly shames Petrov after the death of Michael Corrigan, although Frank's discouragement to do so. (Chapter 32)
  • July 26th: The official White House portrait of the Presidential couple, Frank and Claire Underwood, is taken. (Chapter 33)
  • August 14th: President Underwood gives a radio address on the 80th anniversary of the Social Security Act, and visits FDR's memorial later that day. (Chapter 33)
  • September 7th: Hurricane Faith begins brewing off the East Coast. (Chapter 34)
  • October 18th: A U.S. soldier is killed in a failed Jordan Valley operation authorised by Frank. (Chapter 35)
  • December 16th: First Democratic Debate between Dunbar, Sharp, and Underwood. (Chapter 37)
  • December 17th: Claire passes out while giving blood. (Chapter 37)


  • January 19th: Frank wins the Iowa Caucus. (Chapter 39)
  • January 20th: Claire leaves Frank; Frank campaigns in New Hampshire. (Chapter 39/40)
  • March 7th: Frank campaigns in South Carolina; Claire arrives in South Carolina; LeAnn Harvey finds a photo of Frank's father with a KKK leader, later leading to a dirty smear campaign, supposedly lead by Oren Chase. (Chapter 42)
  • March 8th: A photo of Frank's father with a KKK leader surfaces; Lucas Goodwin confronts Heather Dunbar; Frank loses the South Carolina primary. (Chapter 42)
  • March 16th: Doug offers LeAnn the position of campaign manager. (Chapter 43)
  • March 17th: President Underwood is shot by Lucas Goodwin while leaving a campaign event in Washington D.C., Vice President Blythe becomes Acting President of the United States. (Chapter 43)
  • March 26th: Secretary Durant and First Lady Claire Underwood attend the G-8 summit in Brandenburg, Germany; President Underwood is taken into surgery for a liver transplant. President Underwood arrives back at The White House after his operation. (Chapter 45)
  • March 27th: G-8 summit concludes. (Chapter 45)
  • March 28th: President Underwood resumes the powers and duties of the presidency. (Chapter 45)
  • May 16th: Former Solicitor General Heather Dunbar announces she will suspend her 2016 Campaign for the Democratic Nomination. (Chapter 46)
  • July 25th: Democratic National Convention - Day 1; During the Vice Presidential roll call vote, Texas casts all of its delegates for Claire. (Chapter 48)
  • July 26th: Democratic National Convention - Day 2; Will Conway arrives in Atlanta and criticises Frank, the two end up having a meeting together; Louisiana delegates request that the Convention also votes on President. (Chapter 48)
  • July 27th: Democratic National Convention - Day 3; (Chapter 49)
  • July 28th: Democratic National Convention - Day 4; President Underwood becomes the nominee for Democratic Party, First Lady Claire Underwood becomes Vice Presidential nominee. (Chapter 49)
  • September 8th: Laura Moratti leaves a voice message on Doug's voicemail. (Chapter 50)
  • October 16th: The first ever Presidential/Vice Presidential debate is held. (Chapter 51)
  • October 17th: Conway moves into the White House and negotiates with Frank to bring home the captured hostages. (Chapter 51)
  • October 18th: Washington Herald posts a scathing article about Frank Underwood. (Chapter 52)
  • October 24th: Frank asks Congress for a formal declaration of war. Afterwards, Frank attends the funeral of Jim Miller. (Chapter 53)
  • October 25th: Claire is attacked with paint at a campaign rally; After a confrontation, Frank demands that the terrorist that killed Jim Miller be executed. (Chapter 53)
  • October 26th: Frank announces that Masterson has been killed. (Chapter 53)
  • October 31st: Frank organizes a luncheon with Governors from all states; a cyber-attack, ordered by Frank, hits D.C. (Chapter 54)
  • November 7th: While Will Conway hosts a 24 hour live Skype session, Frank and Claire campaign in key battleground states. (Chapter 55)
  • November 8th: Election day in the United States; A terrorist attack in Tennessee and threats in Ohio, among several other states, delays election results. (Chapter 55/56)


  • January 16th: Frank meets the man who portrayed Augustus Underwood in the civil war re-enactment. (Chapter 57)
  • January 17th: Claire meets with female Democrats, who are reluctant to support Frank but would support Claire as President. (Chapter 57)
  • January 18th: Doug tells Frank that he has failed to sway New Hampshire, leading to a small fight between the two. (Chapter 57)
  • January 19th: The House votes to choose the President, but neither Conway nor Frank receives a majority of votes. The vote goes to the Senate where Claire wins. (Chapter 57)
  • January 20th: Claire is sworn in as Acting President of the United States. (Chapter 58)
  • January 21st: Claire and Frank propose elections in Ohio and Tennessee. (Chapter 58)
  • January 22nd: Frank and Claire discover that Aidan MacAllen has been kidnapped by the Russians. (Chapter 58)
  • January 28th: Frank attends an elite mens gathering called Elysian Fields, attended also by Raymond Tusk, Brockhart, and Mark Usher. (Chapter 60)
  • January 29th: Frank leaves Elysian Fields, and is given an audio recording of Conway on the airplane. (Chapter 60)
  • January 30th: Frank confronts Usher over the Conway recording. (Chapter 60)
  • February 13th: New elections are held in Ohio. Frank wins and Conway calls to concede. (Chapter 61)
  • February 14th: Frank asks for the resignation of his old cabinet and welcomes them into his new cabinet. (Chapter 61)
  • February 15th: Alex Romero asks Frank for two seats at the inauguration, and a line in the inaugural address. (Chapter 61)
  • February 17th: Frank Underwood is sworn into his second term as President. (Chapter 61)
  • February 18th: LeAnn is fired by Doug. (Chapter 61)
  • February 19th: Frank discovers that Jackie Sharp will be testifying. (Chapter 62)
  • February 20th: Doug confronts Lisa Williams. (Chapter 62)
  • February 21st: Claire and Frank are informed by Jane Davis that there will be a gas attack in Syria that could divert attention in the Declaration of War committee away from Frank's investigation. (Chapter 62)
  • February 22nd: Frank learns that Walker is going to testify. (Chapter 62)
  • February 23rd: Conway and Usher have a heated confrontation. (Chapter 62)
  • February 24th: Garrett Walker testifies in front of a committee, Aidan MacAllen dies. (Chapter 62)
  • February 27th: Claire tries to convince Frank to consider censure. (Chapter 63)
  • February 28th: Frank is confronted by party leaders to consider resigning; Claire tells Tom to leave. (Chapter 63)
  • March 1st: Doug and LeAnn have sex. (Chapter 63)
  • March 2nd: Frank confronts Cathy over an article published claiming he used flawed intelligence to shut down voting centers on election day. (Chapter 63)
  • March 8th: Frank pushes Cathy down a flight of stairs. (Chapter 64)
  • March 9th: Frank is informed that Hammerschmidt is investigating Zoe's death, prompting him to look to blame Doug. (Chapter 64)
  • March 10th: The Underwoods have dinner with Doug, where they try to convince him to take the blame for Zoe's murder. (Chapter 64)
  • March 11th: Claire informs Frank that Tom Yates has incriminating information in his new manuscript. Claire and Tom have sex, during which Tom is poisoned. (Chapter 64)
  • March 14th: Frank testifies in front of the committee, where he announces he will resign the next day. (Chapter 64/65)
  • March 15th: Frank resigns, Claire is sworn in as the 47th President of the United States. (Chapter 65)
  • March 16th: Claire tells Frank that he can't stay in the White House anymore. (Chapter 65)
  • March 17th: Claire tells Frank that she will be announcing his pardon the next night. (Chapter 65)
  • March 18th: Claire addresses the nation, but will not pardon Frank. (Chapter 65)

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